January 24, 2023

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Families will be moving into the new home in August of this year.

“The need is so great to keep families close to their seriously ill child and we’re gonna make it happen,” said executive director, Sherry Houston.

The new home is located just two blocks away from the current home and just blocks from the children’s hospital.

It is expanding from 22 thousand square feet to 45 thousand square feet.

“We currently have 31 rooms and will be moving to a 50-guest suite house. We will be able to serve 19 more families which will be truly revolutionary. In fact, right now we have 87 families on our waitlist” said Houston.

The demolition process began the first week of January and construction crews are already working on remodeling the building.

As for the 50 guest suites, each will have a private living space, bedroom, and bathroom.

The construction budget is 4.4 million dollars and they’ve currently raised 2.3 million in pledges.

Another 2.1 million dollars is needed for completion.

The video above has a tour from Tim Lee, a superintendent at Parrish McCall.

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