Saliwanchik, Lloyd, and Eisenschenk

Project: Saliwanchik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk Corporate Headquarters
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Owner: SLE Patents
Construction Cost: $3.2 Million
Project Size: 23,830 SF
Completion: October 2004Founded over thirty years ago by Roman Saliwanchik, the firm which bears his name has grown to become an industry leader in biotechnology and pharmaceutical patent law. In 2004, the firm opened its new corporate headquarters in Gainesville, Florida.

The main building is two stories and features a 2-story atrium lobby with a monumental stair. The masonry building is veneered with stucco and each of the building’s four corners features a curtain wall of glass, allowing for each of the company’s principals and managing partners to have a corner, executive office. The building also features a basement level along the north elevation to accommodate covered parking for the company’s executives, with private elevator access to the lobby and second floor.