Naylor Publications

Project: Naylor Publications Corporate Headquarters
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Owner: Naylor Publications
Construction Cost: $7.1 Million
Project Size: 56,710 SF
Completion: May 2004Naylor is an industry focused publications and sales company headquartered in Gainesville, Florida. The company started in Canada, but in 1994 the decision was made to relocate corporate operations to Gainesville. After nearly a decade in their new location, the company needed to expand and establish a permanent corporate presence.

In March of 2003, construction began on their new 57,000 square foot, 3-story corporate office building. The building features a structural steel frame wrapped in a curtain wall of glass and a veneer of black brick with black mortar. The main entrance has a covered vehicle drop-off which brings visitors into a 2-story atrium lobby filled with natural light, courtesy of a wall of glass to the southeast.