Location: Gainesville, Florida

Owner: UF Health Shands Teaching Hospitals and Clinics

Completion: Ongoing

UF Health Shands Level 2 Package 2 Operating Room Renovations

This is the second package of the UF Health Shands North Tower 2nd Floor Master Plan, an ongoing project that includes the renovation of operating rooms, prep/PACU/recovery rooms, staff support areas and administration areas. This particular phase of the project involved the renovation of 21 operating rooms, each with intricate equipment, med gas and electrical work being installed.
    "Delivering exceptional care"
This was an occupied construction process that required keeping all adjacent ORs open, fully-functioning and without incident during the entire duration of this project, with only ICRA containment walls dividing the construction site from the active hospital environment. At any given time during this project, physicians were completing highly complicated surgeries directly across the hall and infants were being cared for in the NICU on the floor below. With this being said, it was vital that noise and vibration were kept to a minimum. This is no easy task in construction and requires hard work and a painstaking attention to detail by the project team.