Location: Gainesville, Florida

Owner: University of Florida School of Music

Completion: August 2018

UF Band Practice Field

The UF Band "Pony" Practice Field features a full-size, NCAA-regulated artificial turf field made with a top-of-the-line drainage system and field base, a synthetic FieldTurf Classic HD system and a patented CoolPlay infill layer. The irrigation system, combined with CoolPlay infill, greatly reduces the heat emitted from the surface, giving the band some relief during practice under the full Florida sun.

This project features game-day lighting and a centrally located outdoor research and teaching area, observation tower, restroom, storage space and a 6,500 SF covered pavilion for inclement weather.

"The Pride of the Sunshine - Bringing the Sound and Spirit to the Gator Nation"

The field, created as an exact replica of its Ben Hill Griffin Stadium original, provides a new home for the Pride of the Sunshine and a place for the band to complete numerous hours of practice each week for performances at football halftime shows, fund-raisers and pep rallies.