Location: Gainesville, Florida

Owner: North Florida Women’s Physicians

Completion: November 2018

Comprehensive Women’s Health

The Comprehensive Women's Health Center (CWH) is a 24,395 square foot facility comprised of two separate buildings--a two-story obstetrics clinic and a single-story birthing center.

The 21,020 square foot obstetrics clinic includes 24 exam rooms, numerous procedure rooms (including mammography, ultrasound, and minor surgery), 10 physician offices and several large accounting and administrative spaces.

The 3,375 birthing center is comprised of three birthing suites, a family room, an exam room, and a staff lounge.

"Providing a broad spectrum of care."

The center is located at the corner of 43rd Street and 6th Place and offers a broad spectrum of care. From well-woman exams and infertility consultation to family planning, high- and low-risk prenatal care, menopausal management and everything in between, the center provides comprehensive services for total women’s care, no matter what specific concerns a patient has.